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Who is Dr Angela Bennett?

She is a Leader, Motivator, Advocate and much more…

Your past does not define you, it refines you!

As one reshaped from the ashes of a past consisting of prostitution, domestic violence, depression and suicide attempts, Dr Angela exists to reach out to those who are at their personal breaking points, meeting them where they are at, transforming their mindsets, creating financial independence and stability and the restoration of dignity; empowering individuals to fall deeply and fiercely in love with themselves, as she has done, for herself.

Dr Angela is a 7 times best seller and international best seller co-author, speaker, coach, and CEO and founder of Angie B Transformation’s; a multi-dimensional coaching specialty, centred on the complete revitalisation in the lives of despondent women. Seamlessly infusing personal style assessment and re-creation, coupled with the facilitation of transformative life coaching, she offers clients an authentic depiction of what life looks like, when changed by the power of spiritual, physical, and mental edification.

Polarising audiences with her transparent and energetic orations, Dr Angela is the proud mentee of World-Renowned speaker and coach, Dr Les Brown; and has completed and facilitated several public speaking workshops and intensives, under his tutelage along with a myriad of other world renowned leaders.
Inspired by the will to see lives transformed, she remains as one driven by the diligence of ethics, life composition, and the essence of personal renewal, in the lives of other women.

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